Trout Museum of Art

Finders Keepers

TMA’s new collaborative art scavenger hunt and exhibit.

Art enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for emerging stars in contemporary art. Through the TMA Scavenger Hunt, our community will help us discover and shine a light on 12 brilliant artists to watch. 

Beginning in January 2024, monthly boxes with a photo of an artwork will be hidden in secret locations around the Greater Fox Cities. Weekly clues and riddles will lead the community on an art scavenger hunt to find these boxes with challenges or prompts along the way. The first to locate the box will exchange it for a corresponding artwork valued at $2,000, promoting artists around the U.S. This fully accessible and mission-driven initiative aims to foster community engagement and appreciation for art and will result in an exhibit of all participating artists at TMA between September 20, 2024 January 5, 2025. 

TMA will reveal a new artist each month along with clues leading to their artwork. Artists may be from anywhere across the US or local to Wisconsin, but we’ll all find out together!

Follow TMA on Facebook and Instagram (@TroutMuseumofArt) to be notified when clues and artists are revealed!

Finders Keepers generates excitement within the community and raises crucial awareness on the importance of supporting artists. TMA aims to inspire engagement and elevate public awareness about the visual arts across the Fox Cities and beyond.
Sponsor a month of Finders Keepers! Contact TMA Development Manager, Ghadeer Musa, at
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Jan 01 2024 - Dec 31 2024


Greater Fox Cities
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