Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers is a monthly art scavenger hunt where YOU can win original artwork. Happening monthly throughout 2024, the hunt is all about finding special Trout Museum of Art (TMA) containers artistically hidden in different locations from Appleton to Oshkosh to Green Bay.

These containers hold images of artworks created by talented artists from across North America, including places like Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Canada. The containers correspond to real artwork that you could win, valued between $1,000 and $3,000. Everyone has a chance to win, just decipher the clues to be the first to find the hidden container.


It’s been located!

The February artist is …

Pittsburgh, PA

The February artwork has been located! Head over to TMA’s social media to learn about who found it and to see the revealed artwork.

You’ll be able to see more of artist Seth Clark of Pittsburgh, PA soon. Find him and all 12 Finders Keepers artists in TMA’s last exhibit of 2024, titled Looking. Read more below.

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12 artists
12 artworks
12 winners

What makes this Finders Keepers so thrilling is the mystery. Who’s the next artist? What does the artwork look like? Where is it hidden?

You can participate individually or as a team, working together to decipher each weekly clue. As you unravel the mystery, you reveal a new masterpiece, turning Finders Keepers into a one-of-a-kind mix of creativity, community, and adventure.


Artist: Trina May Smith

Oshkosh artist Trina May Smith was the January kick-off artist! Congratulations to Tova for finding the hidden Finders Keepers TMA container and winning this AMAZING original artwork by Trina. Tova and her mom found it at the Harry Houdini-inspired Metamorphosis Statue on Lawe St in Appleton.

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  1. At the beginning of each month in 2024, TMA will announce the artist behind the month’s artwork.
  2. Every Friday, TMA will drop clues on our social media. Your task is to follow these clues to pinpoint the hidden container.
  3. The containers are designed to artistically blend in with their surroundings, looking different each month identifiable with the letters TMA or the TMA logo. They could be hidden anywhere from Green Bay to Appleton to Oshkosh.
  4. You can participate individually or as a team, working together to decipher each weekly clue.
  5. There will be four clues total for each month’s work, revealed each Friday. It may take one or all four clues to locate the container!
  6. If you’re the first to find the container, congratulations, you win the artwork. Just bring the container and all its contents to the museum to claim your prize!

Art Hunt Guidelines

  1. Participants can only win once. 
  2. Each hidden location will be fully accessible. 
  3. The container will ALWAYS be outside and not in a location where nearby business hours will affect accessibility.  
  4. No vandalizing any property to locate the container, it will never be buried (unless under snow). 
  5. Participants must be courteous and respectful to all people and locations involved or encountered during the art hunt. 
  6. No harassing citizens or organizations for clues or hints. Museum gallery staff also do not know any additional hints or information on where a container is located. It’s top secret!
  7. If you cannot locate the container with the first clue, additional clues will be released each Friday during the month (four clues total). 
  8. We will announce on our social media and website when the piece is found, so if there is no announcement, you can keep searching! 
  1. To claim the artwork, bring the container and ALL its contents to the museum (111 W College Ave Appleton) before the end of the month during TMA open hours. 
  2. TMA staff will take your picture with your new artwork and provide a photo release form for you to sign.
  3. You may take the artwork home that day!

February Finders Keepers Artist

Artist Statement
An interplay between suffering and resilience is found in forgotten places. I strive to capture the essence of neglected structures, prompting reflection on our fascination with decay and encouraging viewers to ponder the transient nature of human existence.
Artist Bio
Clark grew up in Seekonk, Massachusetts and studied at the Rhode Island School of Design. He earned his BFA in Graphic Design, focusing primarily on print design and alternative typography. During this time, he discovered collage. This method of hands-on, spatial development took a major role in his digital work as well as his physical works on wood and paper. Clark was named Pittsburgh’s 2015 Emerging Artist of the Year and was recently awarded an Investing in Professional Artists Grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz Endowments. His drawings, paintings, and sculptures have been shown nationally including exhibitions in the Carnegie Museum of Art and the Chautauqua Institution. He currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA, and exhibits through galleries, museums, and art fairs around the country.
For more about Seth Clark, visit his Instagram or website:

Looking Exhibition

In TMA’s final exhibition of 2024, all Finders Keepers artists will be featured in a group exhibition entitled Looking.

Find Looking at TMA from Sept 20, 2024 to Jan 12, 2025. Opening night of this exhibit will be Sept 20 from 5 to 8pm, free & open to the public.

Image: Trina May Smith, January Artist, Sponsored by Boldt

Thank you to all our Finders Keepers Sponsors

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