The Fate of Roy’s Bride

Thomas Stella

Acrylic Ink on paper

The Piece was inspired by the following excerpt from “The Ballad of Roy G. Biv.”, by Greg Crowther.

“As a free man again, Roy soon came to know a cute electrician who made his filament glow. He had an orange crush on this indigo girl, And, to her delight, he bought her diamonds and pearls. Roy G. Biv. He’s got six lives down and one to give. Roy G. Biv. He’s just a bright white light filtered through a sieve. Soon Roy and his woman were joined as one, And they even had plans to adopt a son. But the fate of Roy’s bride was truly revolting: A lightning bolt struck, and she died from the jolting.”

Five nonobjective paintings on paper, in acrylic indigo ink. Cut up and shaped into an abstracted figure. Laser Cut into 3″x3″ squares to shape and unify the figure. Mounted on plyboard.