The Gravity of Before

Ryan Klassa


My photographs are a continuation of my efforts to capture the elusive. They are like retroactive memories – appearing in my mind first and then staged and captured as these prints, later. There are no recognizable landmarks or tourist attractions, but rather, something I’ve found much more interesting – the way we feel and act when we don’t think anyone is watching.

Again, in this case, it’s less to do with the spontaneous wonderment of nature, and more to do with constructing a version of the world that makes sense to me – one that is flattened and colorful and unchanging. One that exists somewhere besides just a hard drive. They are my attempt at putting a single image to the impulse of finding a place to belong.

These are more personal than works I’ve done before, but I’ve allowed room for the viewer to construct their own narrative of how these subjects arrived in these places, and what happens before and after this single frame.

Hear from the artist: