Mel Kolstad
Fond du Lac


How informed are we, really, when it comes to knowing where our food originated? It’s one of the first questions we’re asked in kindergarten. Recent studies indicate that as more children are raised in urban areas, the answer to this question is, “the store”.

Many of us are hazy about this question, even as adults. With this hexaptych of prints, which is titled “Yield”, I want to showcase the many ways we can enjoy the seasonal variety of fruits and vegetables, locally. From the farmers’ market, to CSAs, to growing our own food, on to canning and cooking – eating seasonally and locally is one way to ensure the health and sustainability of our local farms, our greengrocers, and ourselves.

These tiny prints are comprised of a drypoint print first, followed by watercolor. The plate was scribed on Plexiglas, inked, and printed on wet paper. I use magnifying glasses to create these works, which are arranged in a hexaptych. Each individual piece measures 2.5 x 3.5″ including the paper.

Hear from the artist: