Witness Three

Karen Hertz-Sumnicht
Sturgeon Bay

Cold Wax and Oil

By reducing the shapes, colors and textures, I work to create abstract paintings with minimal reference to land, sky and water. I usually paint in a series and work on several pieces at one time. I move back and forth building up layers, then carving back to reveal history. I am influenced recently by simplicity, process, vulnerability, fabric and dwelling. The tools I work with are primarily flat silicone bowl scrapers, palette knives, and carving tools. I have a BFA from St. Mary’s College at Notre Dame. I have created artwork my entire life and I am always eager to explore new concepts and ideas.

My abstract painting is in cold wax and oil medium. My work explores the awe of the land and water that influences me from my studio on Lake Michigan. Along with the simplicity that I strive for, I wish to express the sense of timelessness verses limited time on paper and cradle board.

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