After the Storm

Jane Constable Hostetler
De Pere

Oil and Cold Wax

As a visual artist, a compelling visual experience is a key goal, though the thought it engages is equally valuable. The works of Mark Rothko, Sean Scully, and Louise Nevelson have provided underlying influences on both a psychological and visual level. An intense study of primitive and ancient art and a long-standing immersion in the world of contemporary design and typography, provide additional influences in my work. While working in either oil/cold wax or acrylic/ fresco as a medium, these influences are a continual thread in producing an ongoing collection of abstract works. Most recently, my collection of work draws from an intense observation of the environment, decomposition and renewal. Work that draws the viewer in and allows for personal interaction.

This piece is created with oil and cold wax medium. Use of unusual tools and methods provide unique qualities, focusing on transparent layers and incised lines, which allow for depth and simplicity.