Can You Spare a Euro?

David Hall

Photography on Aluminum

The landscape (pun intended) of photography has changed with a smart phone in every pocket. It has been noted that people are missing the experience, the feeling, the mood of the place because they are so focused on taking selfies and moving on. This is in part because we are limited to the 4:3 perspective (old films and TVs) whose existence was established 1892 by Thomas Edison. This 4:3 perspective rarely captures the mood and feeling of the moment. How often do you look at the pictures you took with your phone and relive the experience?

With my photography of unique perspective, I want you to feel the wind on your face, the golden light as the sun sets, the oneness with your surroundings. My goal is to capture the moment with a perspective unlike the one you shoot with your phone. As you look at each of my photographs, imagine you are there, in the moment, warmth of the light, breadth of the scene, wind on your face.

Hear from the artist: