Radio Flyer

Bradley Neu

Wood-fired stoneware, porcelain, white slip inlay

I live and work in Milwaukee, WI. I make ceramic objects in my home studio and I am raising my son, a 19-month-old energetic and curious toddler. I was born and raised in Hartford, Wisconsin, where my father was a small-town police officer. When I was a kid I was fascinated with his police gear, uniform, handcuffs, baton, and his pistols. After my father’s passing, I inherited his guns. I had to suddenly wrestle with my stance on firearms and the idea of being a gun owner. Becoming a new father, having guns in the home took on a consequential dimension. These pieces are about that struggle. The struggle between my father, myself and my son. Between heritage, safety, and responsibility.

I made these sculptures with slabs and press molds using porcelain, stoneware, local clay, and white slip. They were fired in an Anagama wood-fired kiln, that my wife and I built in 2006, in Kenosha WI. We fire the kiln once a year with friends, family, and fellow ceramic artists.