Bride of Quietness

Bethann Moran-Handzlik
Fort Atkinson


I paint from direct observation and memory. My paintings are slow; filled with wind, changing light, breezes, mosquitoes and animal sounds… While in the field, much concentration is needed, the work is at times arduous– at other times like a meditation. Lately I have been thinking a great deal about painting as a prosthetic of vision, not sight but vision because it enables both the maker and the audience to more capably see the world, ideas and feelings all around them. Among other awards and honors I have been the recipient of a Hudson River Fellowship awarded by the Grand Central Atelier in NY and a La Napoule Artist Residency in France. Thank you for reviewing my work. Instagram: pasmeche

I found this Cedar Waxwing and painted most of it in the field. Afterward I picked it up and put it in my pocket to keep in the freezer until I could finish the painting from the bird and memory.

Hear from the artist: