Mom and Dad’s Persian Rug

Adam Fulwiler
Green Bay

Oil on Canvas

I forge visual links between organic and geometric forms that attempt to translate memories into an abstract language codex. Specifically, I am transforming the vocal into the visual, words into gesture, and conversation into mark. I am also interested in the spaces these memories come from and the objects that may have been present. The work uses memory as a starting point, but the work isn’t about my memory. It is about communication and the exploration of creating an abstract language to communicate.

We all recall and verbalize memories in different ways. I have a younger brother with Autism. Through growing up with him and spending time amongst others with various developmental disorders, I became fascinated with how they think, communicate, and express themselves. Individuals with Autism often have hyper-accurate memory with certain subjects. When they do have the ability to communicate, it is very systematic. For me, fully engaging in the system of painting requires a willingness to take risks and delve into the physical and conceptual potential of materials through serious play, humor, and spontaneity. I impose rules and systems on myself such as, drawing a minimum of 50 shapes before beginning a painting, using the memory to create a specific color palette, and once the painting is started, I cannot make any new shapes to add to the painting. I aim to create an environment of heightened physical, imaginative, and affective sensitivity. In painting, as in thought, the emotional takeaway ends up surpassing the clarity of direct representation.

Hear from the artist: