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Made to Order Virtual Exhibition

In-progress commission by Michelle Richeson
Commissioned by Dan and Beth Flaherty

Michelle Richeson

Richeson’s art is a visual expression of facets in her life, be it her surroundings, places she has traveled or people she has met. She chooses an image because the composition, lighting or play of textures inspires her, but Michelle also finds herself searching for subjects that will challenge her and let her play with her style of fracturing and extending lines to create a sense of movement.

Once a linear sketch is put to canvas, Richeson enters a world of ever changing color blends. Because oil paints are slow drying, it gives her the time necessary to explore how color can visually create the sense of illusion she strives for. A 24″ x 36″ painting can take up to four months to complete due to the process of developing a crystalline effect through color placement. Her paintings captivate her while she is painting them, and she wants the viewer to feel the same sense of awe and surprise when they discover that what looks photo realistic from a distance oscillates toward the abstract as they approach.