Out of the Way Karen Hertz-Sumnicht 6" x 6" cold wax and oil on cradle board $36 Artist Statement I earned a BFA from St Mary’s College, Notre Dame and continue to create.  Today I am working to communicate the sense of awe I have for my surroundings. Trying to capture an instant, a breath, a brevity, moment by moment.  Striving for simplicity, I wish to include the sense of timelessness verses limited time.  I am using bolder palettes, shapes, and layers to capture the atmosphere, air, water, wind, ice, rain, life. I work back and forth on several pieces at one time.  Creating a conversation between the paintings and myself.  I like to stop, look, make decisions, reveal underneath layers and ass more paint. The paintings take on a sense of history from the beginning layers to the end of the conversation. My work is cold wax and oil on cradle board or paper.