Congressional Art Competition 2021

Taylor Morgan
Winter in Utah

Growing up, I always doodled and sketched, whether it was in class or at home. The drawings weren’t advanced, and I didn’t draw regularly, it was just something I did when I had time. This past year, through different classes like oil painting, 2D art, and senior art, I began to find my love for art. It has allowed me to feel like I’m good at something. I’ve learned that I like not having to experience or process what I’m thinking, I can just paint. Seeing the finished product after putting hours into a piece gives me a sense of validation. I’ve always felt average; like I was going through the motions everyday. I chased this feeling of accomplishment, and art gives me that feeling. I like working towards a goal, and I like the satisfaction of completing it. Art has recently given me a lot of motivation and worth, which has helped me become more engaged in my life. Along with art, nutrition and health have been a big goal in my life.