Congressional Art Competition 2021

Rebecca Williams
A Tail of Epic Proportions

My artwork “A Tail of Epic Proportions” is a value study of a betta fish in the style of pointillism. This artwork showcases value, contrast, and implied movement. I chose to draw a fish because I had a fish when I was a kid that I really loved and this reminded me of that. I created this artwork by using a grid to draw a line drawing of the fish and then creating the value and contrast by stippling with thousands of tiny dots. The artwork took more than 70 hours to complete and required a lot of patience. At some points it was relaxing to work on after a long day, but towards the end it became somewhat stressful to finish. The tail was really fun to work on, and I really liked the variety of patterns that I was able to do. This is a style of art that I will definitely explore more because it was extremely satisfying to complete and I am very happy with the final product.