Congressional Art Competition 2021

Madeline Phillips

Hello, my name is Madeline Phillips, and I’m currently a junior in high school. I’ve been drawing seriously since I was in fourth grade and I feel as if this art competition is a really good process as I’m slowly growing into my art career. The piece I’ve submitted isn’t really anything I made for anyone and I didn’t really follow any guidelines I set for myself, but I thought it would be interesting to see where this piece may get me. Some of my other pieces involve bright colors, and with me being in an AP Art class at the moment, I’ve currently been trying very hard to get things relating to my theme, which is emotions people feel all the time but have overall a hard time explaining. The piece I am sending is a digital piece I created in Adobe Photoshop. The main focus I think I set for this piece would be the bright colors you see in the center. Behind the colors lied a person whose stomach is getting ripped apart. Though I was just creating this for fun, I ended up choosing the name for the piece to be: Seppuku, which is a Japanese term for when a person gets involved with self embowelment and cutting open their stomach, causing the internal organs to fall out of the body.