Congressional Art Competition 2021

Gracie Buchinger

The saying always reads “Man’s best friend,” yet as a woman I would say otherwise. When my childhood dog passed away in January 2020, my family was blessed with a new puppy who completely changed my life. From the moment I picked her up in Sun Prairie to this day, she is always by my side. Whether it be in my room as I am falling asleep, at High CliffState Park on walks, or simply panting out of my car window, Remi provides me with a different type of company that really no other human can. Throughout the pandemic Remi grew very close to my family and me, and it was perfect that we had gotten her prior. I chose to paint Remi because her presence has been so impactful and prominent in my everyday life. Despite her sometimes muddy paws dragging across the kitchen floor, or her soppy fur shaking off onto my legs after coming out of the lake, I would not trade her for anything. Remi is truly a woman’s best friend.