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Made to Order Virtual Exhibition

Created by Rosy Petri
Commissioned by Nolan and Jennifer Bennett

Rosy Petri

Rosy Petri is a multidisciplinary artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her passion for social justice, art, and storytelling has allowed her to travel the country for various projects.

Petri is a mother, artist, and multimedia storyteller from Milwaukee, WI. Her work focuses primarily on textile portraiture, where each portrait is meant to capture and pay homage to humanity in reverential essence. She applies wax prints, batik, and reclaimed fabric in an improvisational manner, creating fabric portraits through a traditional quilting technique called raw edge appliqué Inspired by stained glass windows and icons of churches and cathedrals, Petri celebrates the sacredness of life through iconographic images of culture created in the folkways of my community. As a self-taught artist working with fabrics of the diaspora, it is important for her to acknowledge that artist ancestors are the descendants of the survivors of the middle passage. Petri’s works are created with consideration of the historic, spiritual and cultural significance of the materials and process. In her art, she hopes to honor the ancestors (known and forgotten) by carrying on cultural traditions as they have manifested in my life. Petri stands in solidarity as and with the oppressed people of the world and hopes to use her work as a respectful way of sharing the valuable stories and lessons brought to the table.