Made to Order is co-hosted by:

Tony Riel 

Sizing and Price Examples:

11 x 14 = $600
18 x 24 = $1200
30 x 40 = $2000
36 x 48 = $3000 

Artist Statement:

“Subtle observations are what my artwork is about. Most people overlook the everyday things that they interact with, look at, eat, and treasure. I try to highlight those small insignificant things by capturing those moments in my artwork. I feel everything and moment tends to have a story associated with it. I seek to share those stories along with my artwork. My oil paintings highlight the last piece or bite of unwanted food from my family member’s meals and snacks. Each painting brings up questions why does someone not want that last piece or bite of food? There’s only one bite left why can’t you just finish it? Painting with oils provides me the ability to bring life to the food I paint by allowing me to push the paint around the canvas, mix realistic colors, and simulate textures using various painting techniques. I consider my painting style painterly realism. I want my viewers to know it is a painting, but I want the objects to be representational. The spotlight lighting, I use in paintings also adds drama to my subjects. I feel each painting reflects my Wisconsin roots, love of food, and what my family and I eat.”