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Sam Thompson

Sizing and Price Examples:

Mug 3.5″ tall x 4.5″ wide, $60.00 per mug (will not commission any less than a set of 2. )
Cup 4.5″ tall x 2.5″ wide, $60.00 per cup (will not commission any less than a set of 2. )
Bowl 5″ tall x 7″ wide, $70.00 per bowl (will not commission any less than a set of 2. )
Dinner Plate 10″ wide x 1.5″ tall, $80.00 per plate (will not commission any less than a set of 2. )
Dessert Plate, 6″ wide x 1″ tall, $48.00 per plate (will not commission any less than a set of 4.)
Large Platter,  13″ wide x 2″ tall $120.00 
Large Platter , 15″ wide x 2″ tall, $200.00
Rectangle serving tray, 14″ long 6″ wide, $120.00
Bottle 10″ tall x 4″ wide, $120.00 
Cylinder vase 6″ tall x 3″ wide $50.00 (will not commission any less than set of 2.)
Cylinder vase 8″ tall x 3″ wide, $80.00 
Cylinder vase 12″ tall x 3″ wide, $130.00
Large vase 12″ tall x 6″ wide, $150.00
Large vase 18″ tall x 10″ wide, $240.00
Large vase 24″ tall x 12″ wide, $350.00 

I am happy to work with customers to decorate work in variations of custom colors and abstract designs that they see on my website or on social media.   

Artist Statement:

My work is thrown on a potters wheel as well as constructed using hand-building techniques. I deliberately leave evidence of my hand in each piece by creating intuitive marks into the clay. My surfaces are inspired by early 20th century minimalism and painters associated with Bauhaus, while my forms are influenced by early traditional Korean and Japanese functional pottery. I build visually intriguing layers on each pot’s surface through texture, layering of slips, and painterly brush strokes. My surfaces consist of a thin white slip poured or dipped over red or brown clay. I then fire to cone 1 with the addition of pops of colorful underglaze and a final coating of clear glaze.