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Nathan Hatch

Sizing and Price Examples:

I primarily work in two categories, furniture, and sculpture.  My furniture work is typically stand-alone pieces such as coffee tables, sideboards, and hutches.  I can create designs and source materials to fit the clients needs.  Furniture typically ranges from $2000-$6000 based on size, complexity , and material costs. 

My sculpture works can be either wall-mounted or freestanding and I incorporated both wood and metal based on which material lends itself to the project. Wall-mounted sculptures are typically between 4′-6′ wide / or tall and range in price from $1800-$3500.  Freestanding outdoor sculptures are typically between 5′-12′ tall/wide and can range between $6000-$20,000 based on complexity and material choices. 

Artist Statement:

My work derives from memory, passage of time, and the mystery that can hide in the everyday. Reverence mixed with speculation and imagination is what I draw from when creating my work. Each sculpture is purposely ambiguous in order to strengthen the viewer’s attraction to what is not easily definable. I use the implication of functionality in order to prompt speculation on the part of the viewer. The references used range from mechanical to the biological and from contemporary to ancient. A disconnect from a predictable timeline facilitates each object to be viewed with a new perspective.