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Melissa Paré

Sizing and Price Examples:

Silk Pieces:
35″ piece framed to 38″ – $4,000
44″ piece framed to 48″ – $5,000

12″ – $1,200
18″ or bigger – $1,800

Artist Statement:

My work uses the detritus of domestic life to create beauty out of the mundane.

Paper from credit card statements, medical records, daughter’s old schoolwork, receipts, and coupons are shredded and mixed as ingredients into paper pulp. The pulp is sculpted over objects from my recycling bin including chianti wine bottles, corporate-branded water canteens, and used skin lotion containers, transforming them into sculptural vessels.

In the silk mandala series, I pull from popular motifs found in domestic textiles (bedspreads, curtains, tea towels) and clothing patterns created for ‘mature women.’ I reorganize these patterns, adding color, organic lines, and free-flowing shapes to form intricate mandalas.

Although substantial in detail these pieces have a tendency to go off the structural rails as the intuitive linework strays away from the precise designs of familiar domestic patterns they originate from. The imperfections begin to form their own patterns building a visual arrangement of their own.