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Meghan Sullivan

Sizing and Price Examples:

The range of sizes include:
5″-8″ Height $400
8″-12″ Height $500
12″- 15″ Height $600

Wall Flowers: $35 per flower

Artist Statement:

My current body of ceramic sculpture is influenced by my research of classical Roman portraiture and its use as a narrative device of power. When I was in Rome, time was a strong presence and the evidence of previous ages was obvious. Living with the layers of history and visiting museums of antiquities raised questions as to what is chosen to be preserved, what is valued and the ramifications of these decisions on future generations. There is a need to acknowledge power structures as we frame our personal and cultural histories. Portraiture tells a story but we need to remember that the story has been altered and subverted by time.

The idea of fragmented or false narrative is also influenced by observations of the effect that dementia had on my father. With this disease, the narrative thread of life had been cut and memories were not accurate. Just as our understanding of history can change with time, who we are can be fundamentally altered by the aging process. By creating works that are then presented as artifacts and icons, the narrative of the past is changed by our present interpretations.