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Matt Kuhlman

Sizing and Price Examples:

There are 3 main ranges of sizes that I work in:

Approximate price ranges for pieces in each size are:
12×16:  $300-$700
22×30:  $500-$1100
30×40+:  $1700-$4000

That being said, there is a ton of variety possible in what I do, and I’m very flexible in being able to work within desired sizes and budgets.  For example, if someone wants something large but relatively inexpensive I could probably make it happen by simplifying the process to cut down on labor time.  These price estimates don’t take framing into account.  I do build my own frames if anyone were to be interested.  I could do that as a separate consideration, and would probably be cheaper than going to a frame shop.

Artist Statement:

In my work, I like to explore the wide potential of outcomes that can be produced from within a narrow set of limitations.  Sometimes I force myself to work primarily with offcut scraps salvaged from other pieces.  Other times I will limit the types of marks or materials I will allow myself to work with, or impose arbitrary systematic restrictions on how I may work.  Whatever the case, these limitations are obstacles that I must overcome in making the work.  To bow to them and not challenge the confines they impose would produce some very unremarkable results.  I must do some problem-solving to work around my self-imposed obstacles, and I know it is a success when the piece starts to shine in spite of the limitations it had to work through, and blossoms into a monument to creativity.