Made to Order is co-hosted by:

Lydia Andersen

Sizing and Price Examples:

Small paint chip painting: artwork 2x2in, framed 4x4in (buyer can arrange for custom framing). $70, minimum order 3 

Medium paint chip painting: artwork 2x3in, framed 4x6in (buyer can arrange for custom framing). $100, minimum order 2 

Large paint chip painting: artwork 3×3.5in or 2.25x5in, framed 5x7in (buyer can arrange for custom framing). $130, No order minimum 

6x6in acrylic painting on 1in cradled panel, unframed. Buyer can arrange for custom framing. Starting at $350, final price will depend on the complexity of the painting. No order minimum.  

Artist Statement:

Lydia is a painter living and working in Appleton, WI. 

My artwork consists of representational acrylic paintings on a small to miniature scale. The subject matter for my paintings varies greatly, such as foods, plants, animals and more. I paint primarily on commercial paint chips and wooden panels. For the past six years I have been working on an ongoing project entitled “The Paint Chip Series.” In this series I create miniature paintings on paint chips inspired by the paint chip’s color and name. For “Made to Order” I am offering options to collectors to request paint chip and/or panel paintings. Some popular subjects I can paint, but not limited to, are: flowers and plants, animals including pet portraits, foods, inanimate objects and land/seascapes.