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Loschue Lo

Sizing and Price Examples:

I work with various sizes of canvas to help limit and expand my imagination and production. Below will provide further information about the base price of the sizes I have available, which does not include the cost of materials and time:

30×40 – BP: $3,800.00
24×36 – BP: $3,000.00
22×28 – BP: $2,800.00
20×20 – BP: $2,500.00
18×24 – BP: $2,000.00
16×20 – BP: $1,900.00
14×14 – BP: $1,700.00
12×18 – BP: $1,500.00

Note: I charge $15.00 per hour for a painting. I keep a record of my time for the painting in a journal. I also charge for materials used, which will be determined after the painting has been completed.

Artist Statement:

Art can be subjective, but I believe there is a deeper connection and meaning to Art that is misunderstood. Painting is not just simply brush to paint to canvas. Painting is about the exploration, thought, and process of providing visual information to the viewer. I engage in the process of painting to learn more about how paint can convey a message, an emotion, to capture time, or all the above.