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Lora Vahlsing

Sizing and Price Examples:

I can create pieces in the following sizes:

8-inch diameter circle canvas: $125 – stitched or painted
10-inch diameter circle canvas: $225 – stitched or painted 
12-inch diameter canvas: $350 – stitched or painted
16-inch diameter circle canvas: $425 – stitched or painted 
16 X 20 canvas – $400 – stitched or painted 

Artist Statement:

As a visual artist, I create sensorial experiences that invite contemplation. I use familiar materials and shapes, seeing them in new ways. My vision focuses on slow art, objects that need precision over a sustained period. My origins are in poetry, drawing, and movement. I invite viewers to re-conceive the world around them, referencing the natural world through intricate forms and light. 

I sculpt paper because I enjoy the challenge of transforming a familiar material. Paper holds the recorded light of trees and I’m interested in this history, the origins of the material. I’m driven to discover and explore subjects of place, memory, and time. It’s an insistence on expressing personal narratives in their complexity: beauty and pain, light and shadow, private and public. I sculpt paper in two and three-dimensional forms to heighten spatial perception. My pieces are largely monochromatic because I’m drawn to the subtleties of shape; an often muted or limited color palette heightens visual sensitivity. 

During my artist-in-residency with TMA this fall I expanded to working with watercolors and used them in neurographic pieces. Neurographic art is the process of creating new neural pathways through art-making to transform the human experience.