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Lisa Frank

Sizing and Price Examples

Framed Price Samples:
30″ x 30″ $1800
51″ x 20.75″ $2200
40″ x 40″ $2400
40″ x 48″ $3000
94″ x 40″ $4500

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Artist Statement:

Through my artwork, I explore themes related to the environment, nature, pattern, and place. My work begins with a deeply felt connection to the natural world and rises up from my exploration of it.

Bearing witness to haphazard wonders in both nature, my activity of taking pictures creates a visual diary – it illuminates my position within the natural world while documenting changing evidence of the ordinary and the astonishing. This photographic journal-keeping forms a personal, arbitrary, asymmetrical time chart that is deeply resonant for me and key to my understanding of what it means to be alive and of this world.

Although the source of my work is a wandering discipline of collecting, the final results are fabricated constructions. Densely ornamental, my artwork refers to the interior decoration documents of Britain’s Aesthetic Movement, to natural history painting and dioramas, and to Dutch still life painting.“Naturalistic” is imposed on nature; time is suspended.

I present work in several different ways: as solitary, repeating patterns; as stand-alone tapestry-like designs; as still life; as tableaux; and as floor to ceiling sections, or “specimen panels” that combine patterns with “trompe l’oeil” mouldings, borders and friezes.

It is my purpose to draw the viewer into a local world as it hasn’t been seen before, to create a context for connection—charged with wonder—richly complex while being inclusive and accessible.