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Lee Mothes

Sizing and Price Examples:

11” by 15” $900
15” by 22” $1800
22” by 30”  $3500
36 by 48” (acrylic on canvas only) $5400 

I’ll be happy to quote any other shapes or sizes. 

New Island Deed Project | $1500 – 3200

Having once studied architecture, I have found an enjoyable sideline of designing people’s beach houses or other retreats located on New Island. These artworks includes a large painting, a deed, plat map, floor plans, and other views of the house and its surroundings.

New Island is an imaginary island-nation that was exhibited in 2021 at the Trout Museum of Art.

Artist Statement:

My artwork keeps me connected with places I love to visit or inhabit. My favorite subjects are beaches, water, architecture, landscape, skies, plus occasional flights of imagination to a place I call New Island, situated in the Indian Ocean. I also enjoy making paintings of special places such as homes, cabins, farms, in the present or the past, for my clients.

I frequently use photo-refences, and sometimes work on-site. Once we discuss your choice of subject, medium, size and shape of the finished work, I’ll make a sketch of the composition in pencil or watercolor to give you a clear idea of what to expect. The sketch is included in the package.

I work with pencil and watercolor on paper, or with acrylic paint on panel or on canvas.