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Lauren Oland

All custom Mezame items are one of a kind- created thread by thread in colors and styles selected by you – woven with love and so much care by hand in-house just for you!

Sizing and Price Examples:

All of my handmade items can be made to fit any size:
Custom items include a color/style consult, photo of yarns that I am planning to use for the weaving, photo of the finished piece to confirm or photo to confirm before sewing if the customer is using their own jacket or a jacket that they have pre-selected.

For custom reclaimed paneled jackets, three or more options will be sent for the jacket to be used for the order if the client is not providing their personal jacket for the project.

Customer Favorites:
Custom Meditation Shawl: $220 (approx. 17-19 inches wide approx./75-90 inches long before fringe, includes a shawl pin)
Custom Signature Reclaimed Paneled Jacket: $165-195 depending on panel size and ease of construction/supplies, (subtract $15 if customer provides and ships their own jacket with a workable panel area)
The Mezame Classic Kaftan (custom): $210
The Mezame Tunic Kaftan (custom): $285
Convertible/Reversible Slouchy Poncho: $315
Open Fit Robe (custom): $435-515, depending on length
Goddess Cocoon Robe: $535-595, depending on length
Mezame Robe/Coat: (custom options- lining, sleeves, closures, belt, pockets, collar, length and many other various finishing touches impact the price and also define this item as a robe vs. coat): $895-1100, depending selected design details

Artist Bio:

Lauren’s work is unified by a mission to weave and sew modern one-of-a-kind wearable items in her zero-waste studio. She is inspired by landscapes, abstract art, music, and color theory. Lauren weaves with remnant yarns and then uses every part of the handmade cloth to create a large variety of items. This thoughtful process yields inclusive sizing and price point options. Collection favorites include meditation shawls, bandana cowls, signature paneled jackets, mantra keychains, and kaftan tops. Each weaving is unique- created with great attention to detail, composition, and with a balance of calming and invigorating patterns, textures, and colors-generating comfortable apparel and accessories that inspire joy, genuine self-care, and a celebration of creative self expression.Lauren was honored to win “Best in Show, Craft” at the Ashley Festival of the Arts (2019), Honorable Mention at Art in the Park- Appleton, Wisconsin (2019), Best in Show at Fall into the Arts- New Braunfels, Texas (2021), have her work featured on Etsy’s television commercials (2020), sell her work globally online, at art shows, and at many shops and galleries for the last thirteen years.