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Kendra Bulgrin 

Sizing and Price Examples:

I am open to all sizes of work (I love working large!)  and charge 2 dollars per sq inch. 

Artist Bio:

My oil paintings examine the longing for identity and the subsequent expectations associated with identity and memory. I question how identity is constructed through images, place, memory, decoy, and the miniature. 

I have been thinking a lot about how humans long to be closer to nature and continually return to it as a place of rejuvenation as we become increasingly detached from the natural world. Yet actual closeness with wild animals is difficult or nearly impossible to achieve except in captivity. I use the animals as metaphors for my own feelings of detachment from family, nature, memory, and my own natural roots, and my desire to feel connected. 

The landscapes are inspired by remote locations throughout Wisconsin that I have felt a strong connection with. I find myself attracted to the repetition of certain icons in the forest and on the water that I tend to photograph a lot and then bring back into my studio to create paintings from. The figure tends to re-appear and disappear throughout the landscapes creating a dialogue between the absence and presence of woman in nature. There is a deep mystery in nature that I long to connect with and I hope my paintings give glimpses of.