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Kathryn Wedge  

Sizing and Price Examples:

Works in Watercolor (unframed) 
11 x 15 in. – $1000-$1,500 
15 x 22 in. – $2000-$2,500  
22 x 30 in. – $3000-$3,500 
Works in Acrylic (unframed) 
24 x 24 in. – $1800-$2500 
48 x 48 in. – $4000-$5000 
Additional sizes available upon request.

Artist Statement:

I enjoy making art. I am always energized and amazed at what can be created from a blank piece of paper or canvas. The process, the transformation from idea to art, that’s what I love. I have been a professional artist for over 25 years, working as a fine art painter and a graphic designer since graduating college with a bachelor of fine arts degree. I maintain a home studio and freelance graphic design business.  

Although when painting I use a variety of art media, I concentrate on water media, specifically acrylic, watercolor, and casein. My work explores the themes of nature, architecture, and the human form. I enjoy using paint to express the abstract forms found in representational images. My subject matter becomes the framework within which I play with value, shape, and color.  

My work is collected by individuals and corporations throughout the United States and is on display at a variety of local galleries, national juried art shows, and online at