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Jesse Bell

Sizing and Price Examples:
5″ x 7″ – $280.008″ x 10″ – $390.0011″ x 14″ – $570.0024″ x 36″ – $2,000
Works larger than 36″ – Pricing can be arranged on discussion.

Artist Bio:

Jesse M Bell is a contemporary abstract painter based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In his practice, Bell works to explore both the foundational aspects and the more remote possibilities of painting—realizing the opportunities afforded by the historical while also contributing to the ever-evolving, hyper-current conversation of the medium. Focusing primarily on the abstraction and interaction of organic shapes in various painting mediums, he employs symbols and detached iconography to create what he refers to as “visual poems” or “speech-act objects”.

Artist Statement:

As an artist and a painter, it is crucial to continually re-examine and re-evaluate one’s practice, and to always be asking the questions: what am I doing through this work? What is it saying? What does it say about me?In a certain sense, I’m continually reclaiming my humanity through painting. At a formal level, I’m introducing myself to the world with my brush strokes, my line, and my choice of materials. It represents something deeper and more comprehensive than language—or even action—and opens up a type of communication that cannot be had in any other manner. At a time of seemingly infinite images and stimulation—so much of it digital and fleeting—to introduce something as humble as a painting to the world is a grounding experience for me.My paintings are abstract compositions that incorporate strong narrative elements. I juxtapose visual references of the mundane with the absurd to create open-ended conceptual opportunities for viewers to explore. I also strive to infuse my work with musicality and a continually-developing visual language. Through this, I’m working to create paintings that suggest stories, events, or convey to the audience a memory, situation, or scenario.The direction of my latest work has led me to more unconventional framework shapes and supports, larger formats, and stronger narrative elements through shape and line relationships. I want to investigate issues of scale and associations between multiple paintings within a single piece. It is here that I feel I can make substantial breakthroughs in my practice—exploring and contributing to what a painting can be.