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Ellis Jake Solie

Sizing and Price Examples:

The sizes for my sculptures range from something as small to fit into one’s hand to as large as 15′ x 5′ x 5′ with pricing ranging from $150 to $8000.

Artist Bio:

I am a writer, sculptor, and painter. My works are an exploration of relationships, loss and the play/impact of time. Each piece is influenced by nature, dreams, spirituality, and the joy of storytelling. In 2014, I was shot through the chest while walking to a beach in Roger’s Park. This incident finds its way into each piece through the contemplation of chance vs. providence and a search for meaning.

My most recent works are inspired by the light of a better world breaking through our seams. This work contemplates the good that is already here. It insists on and points to growth through language, color, intention, and genuine listening. No matter what I start working on, it ends up being about connection and an attempt to steady my feet between loss and love. I am interested in the textures and materiality of coincidence, magic, and delight.

I believe in home even as its meaning expands and contracts daily. I believe we have a responsibility to each other; to lead with compassion, grow in kindness, and be better. I believe in signs and the seers. I consider work successful if it inspires curiosity or constructive discussion.