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Deterre Diamonds | Lyssa M. King

Create a piece of custom jewelry – from rough diamond, through the cutting process, and into a hand crafted, beautifully designed piece.

Artist Statement

I believe diamonds are one of the last remaining luxury items that are passed down from generation to generation. I also believe diamonds are nature’s mirror. After millions of years of creation, they are cut and polished and worn every day reflecting our stories and passing those stories on to the people we most treasure in the world. I created Deterre Diamonds with my business partner after being in the diamond industry for over 25 years and watching people struggle to find exactly what they wanted, knowing it was an heirloom that would live on forever. Deterre Diamonds has a relationship with Diamonds de Canada and hence access to Canadian rough diamonds. We start with the rough diamond, unearthed in Canada, and work with a client to custom cut the shape and size for a ring, pendant, earrings or any other jewelry that they want to set that diamond in. We work with natural diamonds and local artisans.

Sizing and Price Examples:

Polished diamonds start at $280 and going up to $50,000 plus
Rough diamonds start at one carat for $1400 and going up to twelve carat plus

We prefer to work with platinum, 14K white or rose gold and 18K yellow gold.

If you have a picture or an idea of what you would love to create, there are very few limitations.

I work with natural diamonds of any size and can cut all traditional round and fancy shapes and unique shapes within certain limitations. We have access to both white and brown diamonds as well as some of the more unique cape colors and yellow diamonds. We have an inventory of polished diamonds to choose from or we can start with the rough diamond and custom cut.