Made to Order is co-hosted by:

Dane Schumacher 

Sizing and Price Examples:

6×6″ – $800
12×12″ – $1600
16×16″ – $2000
20×16″ – $2250
20×20″ – $2500
24×24″ – $3250
36×18″ – $3500
30×30″ – $4000

Artist Bio:

Storytelling and the capacity for one thing to represent another is a motivation for my work.  

Using characters to give context to the spaces they inhabit, I create myths that are born from my perspective that exist within a larger sphere of shared experiences. Within my most recent works I have been including other species for the symbolism of character they are able to represent and what their inclusion adds to the narrative scenes that I am constructing. I paint from a combination of candid snapshots, found imagery and carefully staged and lit photographs that are collaged through my handwork as obsessively applied layers of paint.