Made to Order is co-hosted by:

Catherine Williams (Photography)

Size and Price Examples

$300 for the day plus mileage ($1.00/mile) and printing fees.

Additional printing costs for exhibition, not including framing.
$60 for 8×10
$100 for 11×14
$140 for 16×20

The Art of the Self-Portrait
HammerGams Style

With Made to Order, I offer a day of creativity where you can create your own self-portraits.

You can choose the setting. Is there a picturesque place that has meaning to you? Maybe a dilapidated family home that you would like to memorialize? Do you have a vintage car that you would like to be subject in some photography? Anything goes! Beauty can be found in unexpected places!

I will bring some props and costumes along, but you are encouraged to bring your own and tell your own story.

My photography is taken with my phone. You will learn to take your own self-portraits with your own phone. I will take some of my own self-portraits throughout the day, and you will learn my process. You will be supplied with a tripod and a Bluetooth clicker that you may keep. It’s very empowering to take the camera into your own hands. At the end of the day, you will end up with a collection of arty and unusual self-portraits on your own phone to do with as you please.

We will be printing some images for the Made to Order show.

Artist Statement:

My photos are self-portraits, but I do not consider them to be ‘me.’ I remain anonymous by not showing my face. By doing so, I challenge preset ideas about what it means to be a woman and explore the social conundrum of wanting to be seen while also wanting to remain anonymous. Telling a story and evoking emotion without facial expression is a fascinating task.

Many of the props have been borrowed from enthusiastic followers of my social media pages and the search for interesting settings has taken me all over the Midwest and beyond.