Appleton’s Trout Museum of Art returns with Made to Order, an exhibit connecting community members with Wisconsin artists to create one-of-a-kind, customized works of art be exhibited in Made to Order Aug 25-Dec 31, 2023. YOU help curate the exhibition by commissioning an artwork from one of 40 artists listed below. TMA’s 2023 goal for commissions is $100,000. 50% goes to artists and 50% to TMA programming.

Commissioning an artwork is a collaborative experience between you and the artist. Artists create works in their style based on discussions with you. You experiences working with and getting to know the artists and watch the artwork come alive. We are grateful for your support and the support of so many artists and collectors.

I’m interested in commissioning an artwork. What’s next?

1. View our artists’ stunning profiles below through Apr 30 to find the perfect artist.
2. Use the artist’s style and something in your life to inspire your artwork.
3. Choose your budget. Each artist has pricing on their pages.
4. Fill out a Made to Order interest form.
5. TMA staff will coordinate an artist connection and details to start the conversation.
6. Payment to TMA: 50% down payment and 50% when the project is completed.
7. Artist creates your masterpiece.
8. Your artwork will be on exhibit Aug 25 to Dec 31, 2023.
9. Attend the Made to Order opening party and fundraiser on Aug 25.
10. Take your one-of-a-kind artwork home following the exhibition after Dec 31!


Kathi Seifert
Opening Night Sponsor

Adam Stoner

Amy Carani

Ann Orlowski

Cassie Marie Edwards

Catherine Williams

Catherine Williams

Dane Schumacher

Daniela Kouzov

Elizabeth Kazda

EJ Solie

EJ Solie

Jeff Zdrale

Jesse Bell

Karen Hertz-Sumnicht

Karen Kjell

Kathryn Wedge

Kelley Curran

Kendra Bulgrin

Lauren Oland

Lee Mothes

Leif Larson

Lora Vahlsing

Lucas Pointon

Lydia Anderson

Matt Kuhlman

Meghan Sullivan

Mel Kolstad

Melissa Paré

Miranda Moeller

Nathan Hatch

Natalie Jo Wright

Neo & Valerie Medina

Nikki Johnson

Sam Thompson

Sophie Loubere

Tonya Cameron

Willow Bayer

New Made to Order Opportunities!

Private Studio Party at TMA

If your walls are already full of art, perhaps you’d enjoy a private studio class of your choice! Plan a creative adventure for your team-building, friend-bonding, birthday party, anniversary, family outing, or just for fun. Relax, laugh, and unleash the hidden talents you didn’t even know you had! We will curate a special event just for your group.

Deterre Diamonds | Lyssa M. King

If your walls are already full of art, you can create a piece of custom jewelry. This is a unique opportunity to see how a diamond goes from rough diamond through the cutting process into a hand-crafted, beautifully designed piece of custom jewelry. For years, artisans have worked separately in the diamond-cutting and jewelry-design industries. Deterre Diamonds brings this process together and helps you be a part of it.

100% of the design costs are a donation to the Trout Museum of Art.
100% of the diamond, gold, and other material cost are paid to Deterre Diamonds.