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Willow Bayer

By investigating different perspectives and using bold colors, I recreate everyday places. My process begins by either photographing or sourcing photos of spaces, from which I create collages. The collages are finished pieces and are references for my acrylic paintings. My references determine what textures and applications to use before painting each layer. After painting I add details with ink giving them an illustrative style. Through recreating these spaces, I reinvent the world using my imagination, but still including parts of reality.” 

Sizes for Framed Paper Collages: 

5.5 x 4.25 in, Collage size
12 x 10 in, Frame Size

6 x 6 in, Collage size

12 x 12 in, Frame Size

7 x 5 in, Collage size

12 x 10 in, Frame Size

8 x 8 in, Collage size

14.5 x 14.5 in,  Frame Size

I can do other sizes as well. The price is usually based on the level of detail in the photo and the sizing is based on the size or how the photo is cropped. All collages would be framed and double matted unless requested differently.


Willow Bayer at the Trout Museum of Art | Past Exhibitions 2020