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Patt Huss

“Art speaks to me more than words as I search for meaning and purpose in every mark I make. It’s exhilarating when I feel I can convey this to the viewer of my work.”

I am currently working in my studio as an abstract painter which has been exciting and challenging.  My ultimate goal as an artist is to create richly textured paintings that reflect the way I feel about the beauty and mystery that nature holds.  Most often hidden in my paintings a figure will emerge unexpectedly to add drama and excitement as I build layer upon layer of texture to my contemporary design.  My goal is to capture a feeling rather than paint perfect details.  Water, rocks, old worn walls, cracks in the walkway all intrigue me.

My art is inspired by natural elements and spiritual images.  The work has changed through the years from large murals to representational to abstract but my desire for shape and value and texture will always be there.  The creative process is mostly intuitive, starting with an idea for subject matter and emotion.  The piece can change throughout the process.  Flowing water or figures emerge when least expected.  That to me makes the painting exciting.  Seeking the unknown – where will that take me – letting the brush speak – let the mind wonder…

Size and Price Range

8×8 – $250
12×12 – $350
16×16 – $500
18×18 – $650
18×24 – $800
20×24 – $1000
24×30 – $1400
36×36 – $2,000
30×40 – $2,500
36×48 – $3,000