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Nikki Johnson

Nikki Johnson, an Appleton painter, credits her early inspiration from watching her mother paint and take photographs. “I was always amazed watching her create something really beautiful and unique from the tools she used, whether it was a camera or print screen or a paintbrush, she always had a very intuitive sense in how to use those tools to create her vision,” Johnson says.  

Beginning as a classically trained musician, Johnson explored a variety of art forms such as building furniture, knitting, crocheting and tatting, until she fell in love with painting.   

“I felt compelled to return to painting over and over again. The process of creating art is what continues to push me forward,” she says. “The possibilities and the ability for me to create seem endless and I find that very intriguing. Currently Johnson works primarily with acrylic paint and canvas, occasionally utilizing wood panels or a resin finish. Her inspiration stems from many things, but music has mostly been a driving factor for her bright and colorful pieces.  

Size and Price Range
Works on Canvas (unframed)

12 x 16in – $250
18 x 24in – $300
24 x 30in – $500
30 x 40in – $600
36 x 48in – $800