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Lydia Andersen

Lydia is a painter living and working in Appleton, WI. 

For the last five years my studio practice has focused on an ongoing project entitled “The Paint Chip Series.” This series consists of painting miniature acrylic paintings on commercial paint chips inspired by each paint chip’s color and name. The sizes range between 2 and 4 inches before framing. Overall this series draws attention to and is a celebration of our colorful world. Recently, I have expanded my studio practice to include larger 6x6in acrylic paintings on panel. These paintings are in the same minimal style as my paint chip paintings, subject matter on a solid colored ground. Scaling up my work has allowed me to add even more details to each piece. Check out new paintings on her instagram. 

For Made to Order 

Popular subject matter I often paint, but not necessarily limited to, for both paint chip paintings and paintings on panel: plants, animals, food and beverages of all kinds, land/seascapes, outerspace, buildings/monuments, vehicles, anatomical, inanimate objects.   

For the “Paint Chip Series,” I am interested in working with clients who would like to commission a group of paint chip paintings, based on color, a theme etc. The groupings would be a minimum of 2-3 depending on size, and could be framed together or individually. 

Pricing and minimum order amount:  

Small paint chip painting:
2 x 2in, framed 4 x 4in
Order minimum: 3
$70 each

Medium paint chip painting:
2 x 3in and 2 x 4in, framed 4 x 6in
Order minimum: 2
$75 each

Large paint chip painting:
3 x 3in and 3 x 3.5in, framed 4 x 6in
Order minimum: 2
$80 each

6 x 6in acrylic painting on panel
pricing is $200 – $400 depending on complexity of subject matter
No order minimum