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Liz Maltman

There are three things that have especially informed my artwork. I taught preschool in my twenties and have worked with children in some capacity since then. I love to play. I think this love of play contributed whimsy, color, and experimentation to my artwork.

I ran a small boutique for which I designed and sewed clothing, and hand-painted clothing items, furniture, walls, and floors with unique and often whimsical designs. This interest and involvement with fabric, pattern and design influences my work.

The third thing informing my work is a love of the outdoors. I discovered plein air painting and was immediately hooked. I like the spontaneity and challenge of working in open-air and sometimes adverse conditions, and find inspiration in aspects of the landscape other artists might not be as interested in, such as pattern, movement, or the odd weed ranging above more sedate garden flowers.

So, color, a sense of whimsy and humor or playfulness, as well as patterns and oddities in the landscape inform most of my work. I try to look at everything I do in art as a kind of experiment. Van Gogh’s motto was “invite ruin!” and I try to make it amine as well. It is probably fortuitous that I am self-taught as it makes it easier to break the “rules” without guilt!

Size and Price Range
20″x24″          $1450
24″x 30″         $2250
36″x48″          $5950
40″x60″          $6550

Other sizes can be discussed, along with pricing of larger or smaller works.