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Lee Mothes

I’ve been an artist most of my life. I grew up on the California coast, and began drawing giant waves and disasters while in grade school. I studied art over several years, with interruptions like the Vietnam War, before achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Art at Western Oregon University. I’ve also operated a printing shop, co-owned a hot springs resort, and spent time as a freelance carpenter to pay the bills. I gravitated to art full-time in 1990 when I began exhibiting my work at art fairs. I now show through art galleries, museum exhibitions and online on Instagram and on my website.  

Throughout this time, I’ve been asked to do custom paintings and drawings. Over the years, I’ve found that I really enjoy re-creating placespecial to someone in watercolor or acrylic. 

My subject matter varies from ocean beaches, lakeshores, inland landscapes, houses, as well as animals and portraits.   

I work in watercolor, acrylic on canvas, and graphite pencil. 

Price and Size Range
$800-$4,500. The price of the piece will vary based on your desired size.


Lee Mothes at the Trout Museum of Art | Past Exhibitions 2020