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Laura Schneider

Laura Schneider was born and raised in Wisconsin.  She is a Midwest-based artist who colors outside the lines of life.  While earning her BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Laura’s passion for photography was ignited in the darkroom.

For nearly two decades, Laura has been capturing subtleties that go overlooked by the casual observer.  Her perceptive nature gives her work character and revealing depth.  She leverages her senses and the natural qualities of her environment to leave inspired, relatable creations in her wake. 

Laura’s mission is to live to her fullest potential by creating work that matters.

She is currently working on Illuminating Women, an exhibition which shines a light on inspiring women in her community.  This exhibition is a collaboration of journalism and documentary photography.  Through storytelling, Laura creates a connection we long for.

Size and Price Range
24 x 30in – $599
30 x 40in – $799
36 x 48in – $
40 x 60in – $1599