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Katherine Steichen Rosing

As a native Wisconsinite (born and raised in Appleton) our everchanging forests and lakes are part of my soul. The communal relationships within forestsand their watersheds, inspire my work. Grandmother trees nurture young saplings, while the entire forest communicates along a vast network of fungi within the root systemsMeanwhile these same urban and wild forests sustain wetlands, capture carbon, and clean the air we breathe. 

 Surface and color in painting fascinate me. Using paint mixed with gel mediums I build relief surfaces with numerous layers of paint to enhance the play of light and color. I work in a wide range of custom sizes from small, intimate works on paper and wood to very large paintings on linen or canvas 

In addition to painting, I create intricate mixed media works using leaf rubbings over an acrylic paintingThe circle symbolizes the tree canopy and our earth. A related series of graphite leaf rubbings, made in elegant monochrome graphite, emulate mature tree trunks in scale. These drawings are presented in a vertical scroll format nearly ten-foot-highand can be rolled to various lengths. 

Size and Price Range

Painting on Paper
 (H x W)
12 x 15in $750
15 x 20in $900
22 x 30in $1,700
30 x 40in $2,400
40 x 60in $4,000   

Painting on Canvas or wood panel
 (H x W)
(No framing required, ready to hang)
14 x 16in $900
15 x 20in $1,200
22 x 30in $2,250
30 x 40in $3,200
40 x 60in $5,40  

More than Leaves Fallen series on Archival Tyvek (round images)
(Unframed H x W)
24 x 24in $895
45 x 45in $1,800