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Karen Hertz-Sumnicht

As an artist that has spent the last 40 years running an art business in the Appleton, Wisconsin, I have also gotten back to doing what I love.  Making, painting, observing, exploring through time in my studio. 

I am originally from Indianapolis and I went to high school at the University of Chicago Lab School and Munster High School.  I received my BFA at St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.   

 A class at the Peninsula School of Art, many years ago, plunged my feet back into the water and got me painting on a more regular basis.  I now have a studio in Sturgeon Bay on Lake Michigan.  My inspiration comes from daily moments of mindfulness and prayer.  I am influenced by water, natural patterns and surprising moments, color and recently the concepts of time passing. Mostly influenced by layers, texture, and a desire for simplicity, I embrace the journey through each painting.  Visual references are often hidden as clues to uncover.  Telling stories of the past, home, family and place are at the core of my abstract cold wax and oil paintings. 

Size and Price
24″ x 24″   $ 575
36″ x 36″   $ 995
36″ x 48″   $1200
16″ x 48″   $ 600
12″ x 30″   $ 375 


Karen Hertz-Sumnicht at the Trout Museum of Art | Past Exhibitions 2020