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Julie Jilek

My practice is a ritual. An exploration. At times, a celebration.  It is a deep chasm of answers that wait for discovery if I choose to show up.  If I stray, it scatters a bread crumb trail enticing me back to seek more. A metaphoric portal leading towards more questions than answers, expanding my awareness and curiosity and continually reminding me that the more I learn, truly, the less I know. The chapters never look the same and remain elusive yet dependable. When a journey feels complete, and every stone overturned, a promising, new detour emerges in time. No matter the medium or style or approach, each effort can feel like visiting an old friend and meeting a new, kindred spirit of a stranger, simultaneously.

Through impressionistic, mixed media paintings I investigate our contemporary landscape.  Quietly referencing natural and industrial elements, everything from the magical to the mundane, I utilize a variety of visual language to provide clues revealing something vague yet tangible.  The intuitive brushwork and exaggerated palettes emphasize the desire for empathy and reflection towards these familiar yet fictitious places.

My artistic practice now spans over two decades and has pivoted so many times it can be difficult for even me to keep track. From traditional studio work to plein air painting to mural work and street art, I continue to explore, observe, and attempt to understand the world around me through the art of making.

Sizes and Price Range
1 ft x 1 ft – $600
2 ft x 2 ft – $2,000
3 ft x 3 ft – $4,500
4 ft x 4 ft – $8,000