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EJ Solie

I am a writer, sculptor, and painter. My works are an exploration of relationships, loss and the play/impact of time. Each piece is influenced by nature, dreams, spirituality, and the joy of storytelling. In 2014, I was shot through the chest while walking to a beach in Roger’s Park. This incident finds its way into each piece through the contemplation of chance vs. providence and a search for meaning.

No matter what I start working on, it ends up being about connection and an attempt to steady my feet between loss and love. I am interested in the textures and materiality of coincidence, magic and delight.

I believe in home even as its meaning expands and contracts daily. I believe we have a responsibility to each other; to lead with compassion, grow in kindness, and be better. I believe in signs and the seers. I consider work successful if it inspires curiosity or constructive discussion.

Size and Price Range 
Sizes range from small to large.
$500 to $10,000 depending on size, material, and time commitment.

2D work
Ranges from 8″x10″ to 6’x6′ canvas or wood
Prices range from $200 to $6,000