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Daniel Klewer

Working in acrylic on canvas, Daniel produces works characterized by a lush paint surface.  His works follow strict, self-imposed rules. Daniel has a unique process of removing the paint surface, literally stripping back the initial gestural painting and re-attaching the removed paint to the edge of the canvas.


As the surface on the painting is repeatedly scraped over, the original pictorial compositions are distorted, blurred, and given new life. These built-up layers of paint accumulated on the edge of the paintings record the artists unique process, and have become recognizable as a process and language of painting all his own.

For Made to Order
Drawn to the strong textures, depth, and colors of my work? We can work together to determine a color pallet and size to match your space.

Size and Price Range
Works on canvas (unframed)
24 x 36in – $1000
36 x 48in – $1400
48 x 60in – $1800
60 x 72in – $2200